Training Workshop Program Topics

Training Workshop Program Topics

“Digital transformation is changing the way the world lives and works. For enterprises, workforce is geographically distributed, remote and mobile centric”

Sales Enablement Topics


The Evolution from Sales 2.0 to Sales 3.0

How new Technologies lead to the digital transformation of buying and selling

Why digital transformation is a matter of survival

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Double economic growth

Real time intelligence for customer engagement

Using technology to sell, revolutionizing the sales process

Big Data

Social Platforms

CRM technology

Customer Centric Strategies

Understanding the customer journey

Attracting prospects and creating relationships

The New Sales Cycle

Recognizing customer pain and frustration

Determining your customers needs

Evaluating solutions

Delivering results


Social Selling Topics


Overview of the LinkedIn TODAY, Sales Navigator, mobile

Content, articles, posts, video update

LinkedIn profile updates and setting changes

New searching

Introduction of Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator searching for new prospects and partners

Sales enablement functions in Sales Navigator – tags, leads

Engagement on LinkedIn

Through the LinkedIn Inbox

With content and thru social interaction

LinkedIn campaigns

Preparation for campaigns

Targeting just the best prospects

A connect and message approach

Tools to help save time, effort, money

Google, other cloud services

SaaS software services, browser extensions

Get started, re-educated, re-ignited

LinkedIn InfoGuides for self-help

Coaching services for busy executives

Training programs for employees, sales teams

Done For You services that take the load off of you


Sales Skills & Sales Management Workshop Topics


Top Closing Techniques

Maslow’s Hierarchy (Leveraging emotions to close business)

Top 5 most effective closing stkills

Assessing Sales Performance

Leading key performance indicators

Course corrections and how to execute

Pipeline Management

Building a healthy pipeline

Seller coaching strategies

Management coaching strategies

Sales Forecasting

Accurate sales forecasting

Forecast coaching

Planning and Analysis

High impact selling activities

Linking revenue targets to KPI’s


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