What is Local Presence?

What is Local Presence?

The definition of local presence is a system that enables inside sales reps to automatically dial prospects using local area codes. Local presence dialers can lift call connection rates by up to 400%, because prospects tend to be far more likely to answer unknown calls from local numbers, rather than toll-free or long distance phone numbers.

Local presence dialers are usually connected to some sort of sales dialer or VoIP system. They work by provisioning a batch of phone numbers in advance from divergent area codes. They also work with technology that can recognize the geolocation of a number that a rep is dialing. The local presence system can then automatically ensure that a number appears in that prospect’s caller ID that is either in the same area code or in a nearby area code.

Local presence dialers are a popular inside sales tool because they don’t require additional manual work from the reps themselves. Instead, a rep can simply turn local presence on and then dial prospects as normal. However, instead of seeing a rep’s normal phone number, prospects will see a local number in their caller ID. This ensures that a lot more prospects pick up their phones.

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