Top Strategies To Maximize Results At Your Next Conference

Top Strategies To Maximize Results At Your Next Conference

We love our customers and there is nothing more rewarding to us than helping them learn more about our products and services, but if we do not keep abreast of current trends and best practices, we are probably doing them a disservice. By not inserting ourselves into our community and learning what is and what isn’t working with our peers, we will be limiting our customers success by limiting our own development. Conferences are an excellent way to develop yourself personally, here are some best practices to improve your skills within the upcoming conferences that you will attend.

Prepare For It

Almost all conferences use hashtags, if you start following the hashtag prior to the conference you will be in the know and three times more likely to learn more and have much more insight towards your onsite strategy, than your peers who plan on just showing up. While at the conference, those hashtags will keep you in the know as other attendee’s share their conference likes and dislikes. Sometimes you can even get a synopsis of a session without even attending, through an attendee’s social media post.

You also want to know who is presenting, these are the leaders or even Rockstar’s of our business and will provide invaluable knowledge whether the content interests you or not. The presenters have been able to elevate themselves to this role for a reason and they will excite and encourage you no matter the content.

Planning which conference sessions, you will be attending is very important. Be realistic as to how many sessions you can attend and know how you will capture your notes, photo’s or video content. Connect with each of the presenters to be sure that you know how to get a copy of their presentation and how you can ask questions presented by your team post conference.

Know your network and if they are attending, it’s taken your career to build a quality network and you should be leveraging those individuals who will be attending the conference as well. You should be making a complete list of connections, qualified prospects, vendors or even job candidates that you want to touch base with and even go as far as setting up meetings ahead of time to ensure that your day or schedule does not get away from you.

While Onsite

Networking sessions or Meet-ups commonly occur at the beginning and end of each day and offer an opportunity to connect with peers and prospects. Don’t miss these! They are usually full of energy and offer and opportunity to share and learn from your peers. These sessions are great places to strengthen existing and create new relationships.

Social media becomes even more important now that you are onsite. You can share content with your teams that you previously developed based on the topics of the sessions you plan to attend. Simply leave the stats out and fill them in once the presenter has provided you with the latest information or best practices. By continuing to follow the hashtags described previously, you may also have more awareness to promoted sessions, special opportunities or changes to the agenda. Remember, at a minimum you should be tweeting, live blogging, posting to Instagram and any other social networks you feel are important. If the conference has an app, download it and you will probably have access to far more than just a schedule. Many apps also include presenter information, session attendees, content and a way to easily ask questions.

Set goals on the types of contacts that you want to meet and why you want to meet them. If you are meeting with a candidate, then it is about recruiting; a peer, maybe it’s competitive intelligence. Whether it is a VAR to develop new partnerships or prospects for new customers there is a big advantage in knowing your objectives and mentally preparing yourself to achieve them.

Exhibitors at conferences, these industry suppliers are some of your best contacts if you want to learn more about the current business climate. Discovering innovative products and services for your business is necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital technology marketplace. Plus, the vendors who continuously sell to you and your peers, fully grasp what is happening inside your competition. Invest time with the sponsors at the event and turn them into your friends and allies.

Using and sharing what you have learned

Now that the conference has ended you have a responsibility to you, your peers, customers and prospects alike. Take the knowledge that you have obtained and use it as planned to benefit both you and your organization, but remember many do not have the time or resources to attend an important industry conference. It is your job to gather as much information as possible, distill it down so that these individuals can benefit from our attendance. As an added benefit, being part of the meeting and using what you have learned and contributing to the post meeting buzz will also get your name out there as a thought leader and contributor for your industry.

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