Skills Predictive of Performance In Today’s Inside Sales Candidate

Skills Predictive of Performance In Today’s Inside Sales Candidate

As an attendee and participant in this years #AA-ISP Leadership Summit #LS2017 in Chicago, I was witness to a presentation by #KORU a leader in predictive hiring resources. During this presentation, it was clear that there are a certain set of skills that will help predict the success of today’s #InsideSales professional. The following are the skills and descriptions that I was able to capture and feel that this information will help many hiring managers identify the right candidates and staff this new #DigitalSales reality:

  • Grit – This is where true drive shines through and a never quit attitude is prevalent.
  • Rigor – These candidates use data to help them identify prospects and score them to determine potential. They will do the research ahead of time to ensure that they are able to connect at a business and personal level before they even reach out.
  • Polish – This candidate is articulate and well spoken, but has a confidence that is clear. If they were to stand in front of you they would also be well groomed and polite.
  • Impact – These candidates get their point across easily, but respectfully. They listen to the prospects point of view and better understand their needs, pain’s and frustrations.
  • Curiosity – What else do they want to know? Are they lit up with questions? These candidates stand out in an interview and it will definitely not be one sided conversation.
  • Teamwork – This candidate likes to collaborate and can give you multiple examples of how it has led to tremendous results.
  • Ownership – This person has a growth mindset and takes personal responsibility for their actions. They will never be called a victim and will always learn from his/her mistakes.

As Tom Snyder of #FunnelClarity said, “Analytics do not make the players better, it just gives awareness to their managers“. Our players will be better if we continue introducing these traits into our #DigitalSales organizations. Additionally, there are far too few metrics to identify how well we are doing at managing and coaching our staff. We need to do a far better job at identifying top performers quickly and providing them with the tools and coaching needs to encourage their success.

We promote people and leave them on an Island and expect them to perform” – Tom Snyder

Dan Cilley has been providing electronic resource planing (ERP), contact center development and customer experience (CX) consulting for more than 20 years as the principal consultant and CEO of TeleMaximum. He is the local South Florida chapter president of the AA-ISP and an advocate for the professional evolution of the inside sales role nationally. He is also a founding member of the Sales Enablement Society, he feels that sales is a noble profession and strives to be awesome every day.

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