25 Amazing Business Tools Within Office365 That You May Be Missing Out On

25 Amazing Business Tools Within Office365 That You May Be Missing Out On

Well, you may be missing new features that can revolutionize the way you work! Microsoft wants businesses to increase productivity with its products, and with the recent release of Office 2016, collaboration has been pushed to another level.

Are you a big fan of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher or Outlook? Do you often use Skype for Business, and OneDrive or SharePoint? Check out these cool new features!

1. Use the “tell me” box to get help

Tell Me let’s you ask Office how to do something using regular language, much as you might type something into Google. You can ask it to show you how to “insert a photo” or “add pic” or even just type “picture” and it will help you find the feature you are looking for.

2. Real-Time Co-Authoring (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Collaborate online and see each other’s changes as they happen with real-time coauthoring in Word. Save your file to OneDrive or SharePoint so others can work on it with you. You can share it directly from the application, thanks to the integrated sidebar.

3. Communicate with co-workers easily

Have you heard about Skype? Use this Office365 feature to chat, share screens and have audio or video conversations with your colleagues. And you don’t even have to leave the application you’re working in! Even when you do close the application, you can continue the conversation via Skype on your desktop or phone, and keep talking to the team as they edit.

4. Inserting links to stored files instead of sending entire files to co-workers

Forget about email attachments. Sharing a document for co-authoring is easy! Upload your file to Office 365’s cloud storage. Write an email using Outlook (or Outlook Web App). Instead of attaching a file, insert the link to the file on your cloud. Outlook will automatically grant edit permission to the people you are emailing. You can change the permissions anytime you want.

5. Turning OneNote items into Outlook calendar events

Convert notes to tasks inside your calendar and assign them to colleagues with reminders and deadlines. Send meeting minutes taken in OneNote by email and automatically add details (date, location, attendees,…) for each meeting they’re related to.

5. Using your mouse as a laser pointer for better PowerPoint presentations

Use a simple keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+P) to turn your mouse into a laser pointer during your PowerPoint presentations. You can also use the Presenter Mode commands. This feature has been part of PowerPoint for years, but was recently integrated for touch-screen devices. If you hold your finger or stylus down on the device, the red button fake laser pointer will appear.

6. Power Map in Excel: Turning data into a map

Power Map is part of the powerful and interactive data visualization features in Excel, which are enhanced with Power BI, the solution for analyzing, visualizing and sharing data insights. You can turn rows of data into a 3D interactive map with Power Map, which includes the ability to filter data using three different filters: List, Range, or Advanced.

7. Editing and converting to PDF made easy

Finished editing your document, spreadsheet, presentation or publication? Converting it to a PDF is made simple with the Save as PDF integrated feature. If you want to edit a PDF, you can convert it into a Word document without the formatting issues that come with copy-pasting or editing.

8. PollAnywhere

Microsoft Sway is Microsoft’s online presentation software, an alternative to PowerPoint, that makes it easy to add internet photos, videos, material from your computer, or your Microsoft cloud to your presentation.You can also add a live poll to it, with PollEverywhere.com. Create the poll and embed it into Sway.

9. 50GB of email storage

Each user gets 50GB of storage with Exchange Online for email, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts and attachments. You can save more space in your mailbox by using the OneDrive cloud storage to share attachments.

10. Retrieving the right version of a document

Version control has been improved with Office365 co-authoring. You can see which changes were made, by whom and when. You can also revert back to a previous version of the file if necessary.

11. Reply in-line to email without opening it

Enable the Reading Pane in Outlook to reply to email without even opening it. The Reading Pane will allow you to preview the email content, hit Reply and send your response, in the same main Outlook window. Combine this feature with the Conversations View and you’ll see at a glance if you’ve already replied to an email. You won’t have to open different windows for each message.

12. Working offline and uploading changes later

Your OneDrive storage is synced to your device, so you can choose to work offline on files. As soon as you reconnect to Internet, the new versions will be automatically uploaded to your storage. The new version will also be sent to any other connected device.

13. Find your most important emails with the Focused Inbox

Similar to how Gmail offers its uses “Priority inbox” where it shows you what it thinks are your “Important emails,” Outlook offers the “Focused inbox.”

It looks at how you organize your mail and puts the messages it thinks are most important messages into a ‘Focused’ folder with the others in remaining into an ‘Other’ folder.

14. Use “ink” on the iPad Pro

With the iPad Pro, Office apps support “ink” just like they do on the Surface. Choices include pens, highlighters, an easy-to-use thickness control, and a new color wheel. Using the Apple Pencil, you can also draw and mark-up documents.

15. Working anywhere from any device

You get the Office Web Apps with your Office 365 subscription, so you can work on your cloud files from any up-to-date Web browser on an Internet-connected computer. You don’t have to install the Office software on the computer. You also get access to Office Mobile Apps so you can use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive directly from your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the move! Download them from your Android or iOS device store.

16. Office 365 Planner to help organize your team’s workflow

Office 365 Planner is brand new! It will help you and your colleagues plan workflows and organize collaboration. Use this project management tool to create plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, set due dates and provide status updates. All this work is done with through email notifications and visual dashboards.

17. Intelligent email inbox that can de-clutter itself

Microsoft’s Clutter feature will use your mailbox rules to automatically organize your email so high-priority messages are visible first. Other email will be moved to the Clutter folder so you can view it later.

18. Let PowerPoint design your presentation

Drop an image into your presentation and a new feature called PowerPoint Designer will automatically give you choices on the best way to show it off. This lets you zip through and create a professional presentation faster, with less fussing.

19. Use PowerPoint “Morph” to make the stuff on your slide automatically move

PowerPoint has introduced a new transition called Morph. Simply duplicate a slide, move stuff around on the second slide and when you play the slideshow, your objects will move from where they are to where you placed them, sort of like a .Gif. No animation or programming involved.

20. Do searches from within documents

No need to fire up a browser to look something up on the Web. Just right click on a word, then click “Smart lookup” and a search will pop up in a window inside your document.

21. Try some Outlook add-ins … like the one for Starbucks

With the Starbucks add-in for Outlook, you can send Starbucks e-gifts within Outlook and schedule meetings at nearby Starbucks locations instead of a conference room. Find this add-on and others at the Office Store.

22. 50GB of email storage

Each user gets 50GB of storage with Exchange Online for email, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts and attachments. You can save more space in your mailbox by using the OneDrive cloud storage to share attachments.

23. Order an Uber ride associated with a calendar event

With the Uber Outlook Add-on, you can set up an Uber ride reminder for any calendar event. Once you set up the Uber reminder, it sends it to your phone at the appointed time with the destination already set. Swipe the notification to confirm your Uber ride. Find it on the Office app store.

24. Use Boomerang to schedule emails and meetings

Boomerang will schedule emails to send at a later time, remind you to follow up if you don’t get a response and add a calendar assistant that lets you schedule meetings and share your availability right from Outlook. Find it on the Office app store.

25. Use the Delve app to see what your coworkers are working on

If your company is using the Enterprise edition of Office 365 and if your company is storing documents in Microsoft’s cloud (OneDrive for Business) or in Microsoft’s onsite app SharePoint, then you have access to Delve. Delve is a search tool that automatically shows you the popular documents and other important content in your company. You can also use it to see what co-workers are working on by clicking on their names.


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