Pushing Is Not A Relationship Building Technique

Pushing Is Not A Relationship Building Technique

Slow the sales process down and connect with people

You don’t want your prospect or customer to find a product that you offer from someone else, so don’t scare them away by pushing too much. Remember, desperate really stinks and that smell will surely scare your prospects away. Follow this #SalesHack and this #NewSalesReality may start to reward you sooner than you think:

  1. Build a Reputation – Do you like to post or tweet? Use those skills to publish articles, write blogs, produce white papers about your products or services. Share as much original or peer content as you can. This will only help bolster your role in this new sales reality.
  2. Slow It Down – You want to be the situational expert and show your business acumen at this point, always providing more information and never selling. Your job is to educate and create awareness so that the prospect or customer sees you as a value added resource within their sales cycle.
  3. See the results, reap the rewards – If you have done your job in the two previous steps, you have probably influenced a number of prospects and customers to connect with you through your email in box or through a number of social media communication tools.

If you are looking to test this strategy and you do not want to waste your time on the wrong targets. Start by looking at your prospects more closely and determine what it is about them that would make them a great future customer. The prospects who reflect those characteristics should be your test group, because they want to hear what you have to say, if they truly are your perfect customer.

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