How Technology Can Improve On-Boarding for Pharma Sales

How Technology Can Improve On-Boarding for Pharma Sales

Continuous improvement requires continuous training

By Dan Cilley, CEO

Telemaximum, LLC


According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the pharmaceutical market is in the midst of a radical change that sees the role of the pharmaceutical sales representative broadening. PwC stated that there is now a pressing need for sales reps to become situational experts for a variety of products and solutions.

In short: the pharmaceutical sales rep is more important now than ever before.

However, enabling a sales rep is not easy, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry where the bar is set higher than in any other industry. Personal selling, although expensive, is often indispensable due to increasing business competition and the sophistication of customers and products in the pharma space.

In a highly competitive market such as the pharmaceutical industry, where many companies offer look-a-like products, it is often the person behind the product who makes the difference!

In today’s digital world, a mobile-enabled, on-boarding and sales enablement strategy is the best choice for collaborating and sharing new content with your staff. A mobile device can transform the average pharmaceutical sales professional into a specialist by providing comprehensive, binge-worthy training on products and messaging.

Mobile-based, product-specific information and messaging go a long way to help reps master complex concepts in less time. They can also be used to provide just-in-time training support and reinforce specific messaging right before a meeting or call.

Your salesforce on-boarding or upskill strategy should include:

  • Microlearning – Make it fun, make it easy
  • Skills & Practice – Give reps the confidence they need
  • Coaching & Remediation – Give your managers the tools they need to develop their teams
  • On-Boarding – A rep who has been on-boarded properly, will outperform and outpace their underdeveloped peers


“We now have the visibility of what works across programs and the capabilities that drive results. It has been a true eye-opener. “

-Sr. Director Commercial Excellence, Global Healthcare Giant

Every day we make decisions based on the information available to us. In the past, managers used to rely on high-level reports and, unfortunately, sometimes even gut instinct. Thankfully, today we can get more accurate information and much faster thanks to technologies that can collect and analyze data in real-time.

Specialist on-boarding and sales enablement tools like MindTickle provide deep insights and analytics so that decisions can be made based on the clearest picture of how capabilities translate directly into sales.

While a technology such as MindTickle provides a wide range of benefits, it’s important also to understand our own capabilities and ability to integrate tech solutions into our organization. This strategy, or transformation, needs to be guided by experienced resources to support the right decisions.

With the right tools and support, you can produce the accurate analyses and instructive insights that will empower managers and raise the levels of the entire salesforce.

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